Let Down Your Hair Photoshoot

The favourite thing about my job is being part of a styled shoot. This is where like minded professionals get together and collaborate to create an amazing set of photographs to showcase what they do. This week I was so excited to see a styled shoot I did last year was published on the fabulous “Rock My Wedding” (see the article and photos here)

Amy Faith (our photographer) worked incredibly hard to manage and organise this shoot. Amy and I have been talking for the past year or so about different ideas we wanted to collaborate on together – as everyone else on the team, we had so much energy, drive and passion for this shoot. It’s so inspiring for me to meet such talented people and see what ideas and craft they bring to the shoot.

So In this blog I want to talk you through ideas behind the makeup. Amy’s brief for the shoot was to reinvent a Rapunzel far removed from the blonde cartoon character we know. We wanted to explore and create a more pensive and “elegantly melancholy” (As said by Amy Faith) side to Rapunzel. From this, I felt a natural makeup would be most reflective of Rapunzel’s subdued character.

Some of the key products I used to created this look were –
Illamasqua Skin Base, mixed with a little Laura Mercier illuminating moisturiser, to give a full coverage with a slight glow. Tess (our model) had the most Amazing bone structure that needed little contouring, but I used Tom Ford’s illuminator to compliment her cheek bones. It’s a cream, very sheer, and it’s great to creates natural glow as it is much less gritty than a lot of powder highlighters that use small glitter like particles to reflect light, Which would have looked
too fake for this shoot. In keeping with a “less is more” frame of mind, I didn’t want Tess’s brows to look overly preened or shaped to reflect a particular trend. I hope by keeping the makeup timeless, this editorial will look as though it really could have been shot once upon a time. I hope you like it.

Having said that – We did love to give a nod to my favourite Disney film “Tangled” … See if you can spot them in the photos below.

Photographer – Amy Faith
Makeup – Darryl Quinn
Hair – Abi Pulleyn
Model – Tessa Lin
Cake – Laura’s Little Bakery
Flowers – Verity and Thyme
China – Pretty Little Trio
Dress – Emma Beaumont
Silver Sixpence Bride, Belles Bridal Boutique
Stationary – Emily & Jo