What’s Hot

As a makeup artist, I often work alone. So I was super happy this week to work with Kate in London for Santander. Having a look how another artist works is so insightful, seeing what kit they carry  – its like Christmas, swapping eachothers products and tips of the trade! So I wanted to share with you my most favourite products right now

1.) Muji Fine Stem Cotton Buds – for creating a perfect lip https://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?Sec=17&Sub=70&PID=2469

2.) Dermacolour Fixing Powder – literally the best setting powder Ive ever tried, and comes in a gorgeously big tub. But make sure you open it upside down and catch the product in the lid. https://us.kryolan.com/product/dermacolor-fixing-powder-20-g

3.) Kryolan Lip Rouge Mini Palette in LF – I honestly dont know how Ive managed without this now I have it. The ultimate lipstick  buy. I even like these more than most of my MACs. And they have super staying powers. I think this pallete in  particular lends itself well to bridal looks https://us.kryolan.com/product/lip-rouge-mini-palette-18-colors#LF

4.) Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil – I got a complementary bottle with my BBU pallete. Such a nice alternative to creams and really locks moisture in all day. I can literally feel the days makeup slide off my face http://www.johnlewis.com/bobbi-brown-soothing-cleansing-oil/p231655367?sku=231655367&kpid=231655367&s_kenid=09ff9811-246f-9288-db55-000019e11893&s_kwcid=403×133862&tmad=c&tmcampid=73&kpid=231655367

5.) Lucy Bee Raw Coconut Oil – my life changed when I found this jar of heaven in my in-law’s bathroom… such a great makeup remover and I smell FAB afterwards. I love how pure the product is and I know its only goodness going onto my skin. Check the link to see how versatile this product is https://www.lucybee.co/coconut-oil/raw-coconut-oil/

6.) Soap and Glory Supercat Eyes – On a work trip to london last week, found a rare spare moment to myself to master the winged liner look. Sometimes when I use Gel liners, the look smudges over the day. My friend is the queen of cat eyes and swears by this…weve worked on 12 hour shoots together and her makeup does. not. budge.  And now I do too. http://www.soapandglory.com/products/cosmetics/eyes/supercat

7.) Benefit Gimmie Brow – oh I LOVE this. This beauty is in my kit for all time. It works like a mascara for eyebrows and now goes on all my brides. My brows are transformed after the tiniest bit of product too.  https://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/product/view/gimme-brow


Makeup and Mums 

My daughter is 6 months old. I am parked in the mother and baby bay. And I hear the bright and breezy words – “Oh I thought I recognised you”. I look up and my heart sank, it was my midwife. 

Clearly all of my efforts on my pilgrimage to find my former self had been in vain. My midwife had recognised me because I had just no time to do anything anymore. I looked just as tired and unglamorous the day I did giving birth!!! Being a mum just sucked up all my attention and I forgot/lost interest/had no time for me. I had entered survival mode. Even if I had the luxury of a 5 second shower, my baby had to sit on the bath mat and I had to hold her hand so she didn’t scream the house down. Nope, no time for hair. No time for makeup, and I was quite possibly not even wearing women’s clothes as I had no time to put the washing machine on. 

And it seems this is quite a common scenario for us mums. I am often asked: “what is the one makeup product I need to look better when I’m in a rush and need to pick the kids up from school?” 

Truthfully, there is no universal product out there to fix everything. But for the image conscious out there, Can I suggest instead doing two simple things…

1.) Fix your most problematic area that bugs you the most, 

2.) Play up your best feature that you love the most 

For me, this formula equates to – concealing the discolouration around my eyes, and then whack a bit of mascara on to play up my eyes (which when done up are my favourite feature). Sometimes just having a bit more colour gives some ladies more confidence, so you might want to spend a bit of time a day topping up your tinted body moisturiser, or keeping your nails painted. It’s the little things that make a difference to how we feel about ourselves. 

Most importantly, don’t be hard on yourself. Babies and kids don’t care if you have makeup on and will love you anyway.

Let Down Your Hair Photoshoot

The favourite thing about my job is being part of a styled shoot. This is where like minded professionals get together and collaborate to create an amazing set of photographs to showcase what they do. This week I was so excited to see a styled shoot I did last year was published on the fabulous “Rock My Wedding” (see the article and photos here)

Amy Faith (our photographer) worked incredibly hard to manage and organise this shoot. Amy and I have been talking for the past year or so about different ideas we wanted to collaborate on together – as everyone else on the team, we had so much energy, drive and passion for this shoot. It’s so inspiring for me to meet such talented people and see what ideas and craft they bring to the shoot.

So In this blog I want to talk you through ideas behind the makeup. Amy’s brief for the shoot was to reinvent a Rapunzel far removed from the blonde cartoon character we know. We wanted to explore and create a more pensive and “elegantly melancholy” (As said by Amy Faith) side to Rapunzel. From this, I felt a natural makeup would be most reflective of Rapunzel’s subdued character.

Some of the key products I used to created this look were –
Illamasqua Skin Base, mixed with a little Laura Mercier illuminating moisturiser, to give a full coverage with a slight glow. Tess (our model) had the most Amazing bone structure that needed little contouring, but I used Tom Ford’s illuminator to compliment her cheek bones. It’s a cream, very sheer, and it’s great to creates natural glow as it is much less gritty than a lot of powder highlighters that use small glitter like particles to reflect light, Which would have looked
too fake for this shoot. In keeping with a “less is more” frame of mind, I didn’t want Tess’s brows to look overly preened or shaped to reflect a particular trend. I hope by keeping the makeup timeless, this editorial will look as though it really could have been shot once upon a time. I hope you like it.

Having said that – We did love to give a nod to my favourite Disney film “Tangled” … See if you can spot them in the photos below.

Photographer – Amy Faith
Makeup – Darryl Quinn
Hair – Abi Pulleyn
Model – Tessa Lin
Cake – Laura’s Little Bakery
Flowers – Verity and Thyme
China – Pretty Little Trio
Dress – Emma Beaumont
Silver Sixpence Bride, Belles Bridal Boutique
Stationary – Emily & Jo











My first ever front cover!

Photography by Teresa C Photography. Headwear by Gypsy Vintage Rose. Modelled by Sarah Coleman

Photography by Teresa C Photography. Headwear by Gypsy Vintage Rose. Modelled by Sarah Coleman

I was SO excited to see my work on the front cover of Your Merseyside Wedding….there it was, in Liverpool One, there on the shelves amongst all the other bridal magazines I used to buy religiously when I was getting married (sometimes I still do *ahem*). Here it is guys, my “no makeup” makeup (that actually takes a lot of makeup). The foundation I used was Face and Body by MAC, which I built up using a stipling brush (badger brush, buffer brush – whatever you want to call it). It’s my favourite brush because I can utilise the brush’s staggered length hair to create an airbrushed kind of look, by buffing in the foundation really well, and then lightly whipping over the product with the finer, longer bristles. There’s a little tip. Congratulations to the team for creating a beautiful image.